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Cyber Insurance for Health Care Organizations

With more reliance and dependency on data information comes more risk - leaving your company vulnerable to cyber security threats. Even if your organization uses modern date security, your assets may still be at risk. Broad protection to keep you covered. Doing more to shield you from the risk of data security breaches.

  • Identity theft coming from lost or stolen PHI from medical records, Social Security or credit card numbers, driver’s licenses or financial information.

  • Costly e-vandalism.

  • Federal and state government lawsuits and investigations concerning PHI security breaches.

  • Class-action claims resulting from breaches in your PHI data.

  • E-business interruption due to a security failure or an Internet virus.

  • Cyber extortion threats.

  • Costs related to privacy notification, crisis management and disaster recovery.



Cyber risks your organization may face:

  • Privacy notification expenses, including health care records monitoring and restoration.

  • Premier privacy injury, including coverage for claims alleging actual or potential unauthorized access to the private information of natural persons, as well as the non-public information of third-party organizations.

  • Coverage for written records breaches.

  • Flexibility, with coverage provided on a reimbursement basis.

  • Number-of-affected-persons coverage outside the limit available for qualifying risks.

  • Online network security risk assessment resulting in a comprehensive report of your company’s exposures (upon request).

  • Combined third-party cyber liability and first-party cyber-crime expense coverages in one worldwide policy.

  • Coverage For Actual or Alleged Billing Errors — Coverage  includes defense costs and fines and penalties arising from actual or alleged billing errors.

The Solution:

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The cost of a health care data breach

averages about $400 per record

Our cyber insurance for health care organizations aims to address a wide range of risks associated with health care

service delivery.

  • Disclosure injury, government and class-action lawsuits alleging unauthorized access to or dissemination of patients’ PHI.

  • Reputational injury, including suits alleging negligence in failing to keep PHI secure, libel, slander, defamation and invasion of privacy.

  • Impaired-access injury, including suits arising from system security failure resulting in your systems being unavailable to customers.

  • Content injury, including claims arising from copyright and trademark infringement.

  • Conduit injury, including claims arising from system security failures that result in harm to third party systems.

  • Privacy notification expenses (on a limit-of-liability or number-of-affected-person basis), including the cost of credit, identity or health care records monitoring, and restoration services for affected customers.

  • Crisis management and reward expenses, including the cost of forensic and public relations expenses

  • E-business interruption, including first-dollar extra expense.

  • E-threat, including the cost of a professional negotiator and ransom payment.

  • E-vandalism expense, even when the vandalism is caused by an employee.

     *   Coverage For Actual or Alleged Billing Errors

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