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All-Cause Coverage

There are a lot of variables to keep track of, some of which are completely out of your control. Our policy is an “all-cause” coverage and can protect against severe weather conditions (hurricanes, tornados, severe winter storms, etc.), venue unavailability (due to fires, floods, power outages, etc.), threats or acts of terrorism, communicable disease outbreaks (currently subject to availability), earthquakes, wildfires, labor strikes, non-appearance of a key person and more.

Our all-cause coverage includes:

• Acts of terrorism

• Communicable disease (SA)

• Earthquakes

• Labor strikes

• Major riots and civil


• National mourning

• Non-appearance of a key

  speaker or entertainer

• Power blackouts

• Severe weather

• Venue unavailability

• Wildfires


Event cancellation insurance protects revenue or expenses from an event against cancellation, postponement, curtailment, relocation or abandonment of the event due to reasons beyond the control of the event organizer.

Event Cancellation Protection

In addition to some of the lowest rates around, you can count on us to customize a policy for your event based on its location, projected revenue, contractual financial commitments, personal property, or factors that would reduce attendance with minimal exclusions, allowing you to prioritize everyone's best interests in a crisis.

Broad coverage at affordable rates


Event Cancellation Insurance

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