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What is a Voluntary Benefits Plan?

Why would an Association want to sponsor Voluntary Benefit Plans for members?


There are several good reasons:


To increase membership. An Association sponsored insurance program can give members benefits like those enjoyed by big business employees. This is attractive to potential members.


To keep members. Once insured, members like to maintain coverage. To continue eligibility, they remain members of the Association. Changes in the healthcare and benefits market have created a need for new approaches that emphasize flexibility. Associations are an important source of insurance coverage for millions of Americans.  


To generate non-dues income. These additional funds can be used to support Association programs and help curb dues increases.


There is a clear opportunity for associations and organizations to improve member retention and increase non-dues revenue by utilizing the power of voluntary benefits. The voluntary market is growing exponentially due to changes in benefits being driven by health care reform (such as high out-of-pocket costs) as well as increased member interest.

Sample of Products:

Insurance Products:

Term LIfe Insurance

Disability Insurance (Income Insurance)

Critical Illness Insurance

Accident Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Hospital Indemnity (Gap) Insurance


Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance


Non Insurance Products:

Identity Theft

Legal Plans

Pet Insurance














  • Strong carrier partnerships providing best-in-class-solutions

  • Consolidated enrollment and communications service to reduce costs

  • Extensive experience negotiating with carriers on underwriting concessions, waivers of participation and higher levels of guaranteed issue

  • Helping you leverage multiple enrollment technologies including one on one, call center and web based platform

Why Rainprotection Insurance:

Voluntary Benefits

Rising group major medical insurance costs and the availability of coverage through government

exchanges may make it less attractive for employers to offer and manage employee benefits.


Associations and organizations can take advantage of this situation by offering voluntary benefits that differentiate them and improve their value to members.

Voluntary benefits are an affordable, easy solution to this challenge.


The need to attract and retain members is a constant demand for associations. But when members aren't sticking around, the reasons they say goodbye shouldn't be a surprise: Ineffective marketing, economic hardship, a lack of engagement, and low perceived value are the usual culprits.


Organizations can't necessarily address economic hardships that cause a drop in membership without reducing dues or fees. But according to a new white paper by Genius Avenue, a membership and marketing software provider, they should invest their resources in effective member retention efforts while pursuing opportunities to increase nondues revenue (which can offset membership losses).


One way to do the latter is to offer Voluntary Benefits to members, which can include anything from critical illness coverage to identity theft protection and wellness screenings. While these programs can increase member engagement, improve the perceived value of membership, and boost retention rates, they will also drive nondues revenue.











Take Advantage of Trends and Industry Shifts:

Voluntary benefits have gained popularity in the last decade, and this trend is expected to continue due to industry shifts, including healthcare reform. For example, rising group medical insurance costs and the availability of coverage through government exchanges may make it less attractive for employers to offer

and manage employee benefits.


Associations can take advantage of this change by offering voluntary benefits such as critical illness plans that help cover out-of-pocket medical costs and living expenses.


Choose Benefits That Appeal to a Broader Base:

Not all your members are the same, so don't create a benefits package that assumes they all want the same things. Select a mix of offerings related to health, pets, entertainment, and other interests to cover all your member demographics. You may also want to consider Surveying members to see what products they're most interested in.


Consider the Enrollment Process:

The simpler it is for members to sign up for a program, the more likely they are to participate. It may make the most sense to offer a single, web-based enrollment system that acts as an online benefits marketplace. This "one-stop shop" can increase the number of benefits purchased, which translates into increased nondues revenue for your association.


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