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Prudent risk management is one of key components to running a successful event. Although your contract with the venue makes you responsible for anything that happens at your event, your booth space contract decreases this risk by requiring all exhibitors to have their own insurance and naming you as additional insured.


But have you ever really gotten 100% compliant insurance from all the exhibitors?


We hear all-too-many times that collecting, reviewing, and securing compliant COI’s is tedious, frustrating, and wastes money on the staff and resources needed to monitor the process. If you avoid the process entirely, it's usually because of how cumbersome the job is, and you've decided to “take your chances” and “hope” all exhibitors are compliant.


We don't want you to have to take any chances when it comes to insurance coverage. Our ALL-IN Exhibitor Insurance Program covers EVERY exhibitor by bundling the the cost of the insurance in with their booth space fee. The cost is just $74.












All you will need to do is include the price of the insurance in all booth space fees along with some verbiage in the booth space contract letting exhibitors know that insurance is now included along with their booth (no need to mention how much money was added for the insurance). The same way you don't break out other costs.


The verbiage in the contract should be very positive. Something like:


"Due to exhibitor requests, we are now including liability insurance which meets all of our insurance requirements along with your booth space fee. You will no longer need go through all the hassles and costs of submitting your own compliant insurance. We hope you appreciate this new benefit.”


It’s a very simple process: You would just forward us a list of the exhibitors prior to your event. We take care of the rest, at no cost to you!


Some exhibitors do not have insurance, but in actuality, it's the exhibitors that already have their own insurance who benefit the most from this program. Getting all the proper requirements added to their policy is tedious, frustrating, and costly.


Since utilizing this new program we have not heard of any exhibitors asking to use their own insurance. What we have heard instead is how grateful they are. To them, it's as if there are no more insurance requirements since there is absolutely nothing for them to do anymore.


In this digital age, everything is moving towards customer experience, simplicity, and ease of doing business. Insurance is no exception, which is why over 3,000 shows per year utilize our Exhibitor Insurance Programs.



The Rainprotection ALL-IN Exhibitor Insurance Program:


Eliminates your tedious task of collecting and reviewing COI's.


Eliminates the hassles of submitting compliance insurance for your exhibitors.


GUARANTEES - 100% of your exhibitors will be 100% compliant with 0% effort.
























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ALL-IN Exhibitor Liability Insurance Program:


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For Tradeshow Organizers - ALL-IN Exhibitor Insurance Program

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If you are an Exhibitor or Vendor, please click the link below to be directed to the proper page

Your legal team requires that all exhibitors have compliant liability insurance naming “Your Organization” as additional insured.


There are 3 ways to handle this:

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