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It's time to take the burden off of your hotel when guests have to cancel.

By including our New Hotel Cancellation Insurance, all reservations are covered up to the day of arrival


Your hotel keeps 100% of reservation fees even if a guest must cancel


Your guests are insured for 100% of their hotel reservation fee if they need to cancel


When cancellations occur, it costs you time and money. And it can potentially ruin a long-standing guest relationship


Most hotels have a 72, 48, or 24-Hour cancellation rule. After all, if a guest is a "no-show" or cancels too close to their stay, you may have empty rooms, making it difficult for you to recoup that lost revenue.


But for those guests who have to cancel due to weather, a death in the family, or another legitimate reason,

it may be hard to understand why a full refund in not in order.


By including this insurance, which covers cancellations up to the day of arrival, you're providing a great benefit to your guests. Plus, it keeps your hotel out of the "cancellation loop" and saves administrative time and expense for hotel management.











"Inability to Attend" is designed to be added to your hotel's current cancellation policy and included in all reservations. The cost is paid by the guest, and is just a small percentage of their cancellation fee.


Instead of guests being denied refunds, like your current policy does, why not allow them to receive a complete 100% refund if they cancel for a legitimate reason?


At NO COST to you, your guests can now cancel up until the day they arrive and still receive a 100% refund. And your hotel still keeps the full room fee.


It's a Win-Win Solution to your current cancellation Procedure!


Underwritten by: Lloyd’s of London






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Inability To Attend - Hotel Guest Cancellation Insurance

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