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Advancing through technology

Every aspect of doing business is advancing through technology. It doesn’t make sense to continue exhibitor insurance the old manual way.


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Our Exhibitor Insurance Program Fills the Needs For:

  • Exhibitors who do not have any insurance.


  • Foreign Exhibitors whose liability insurance will not cover them at a U.S Show.


  • Companies who do not have the time to deal with all of the certificate arrangements.


  • Exhibitors who find it easier or advantageous to use this program, rather than their corporate insurance; similar to when you rent a car and do not want to use your own insurance.


  • Should there be a claim, it will not tarnish their policy and rates. And, unlike most corporate policies, there is no deductible.



"Rainprotection Insurance provides an excellent service for trade show managers. My show had 600+ exhibiting customers and Rainprotection received their COIs, confirmed  compliance, and sent me weekly reports. They emailed customers, followed-up, and provided trade-show insurance to the companies who needed it. All at no cost to us! A total win-win situation for all. And, the customer service team at Rainprotection were a joy to work with. Truly an amazing company and product. They saved me time, effort, energy and therefore they saved my company money."


Laura Larson, CEM

Senior Exhibit Specialist

Society for Human Resource Management - SHRM

"Hey Tammy, thanks for your help today.  Also I wanted to make sure, since I don’t hesitate to point out what I believe is deficient, that I also point out what is very good.  What a great help to The Charis Group, as a vendor, for you to provide someone that can provide the insurance for our exhibit.  Not only was it a lot quicker, less involved but it was significantly cheaper than what we normally pay.  Thanks for looking out for the “support partners” of The Church Network.  I will also get back to you about upgrading the booth location.  Can you give me an idea of the “prime spaces” still available?  Thanks Tom"


Exhibitor at the TCN 60th National Conference

The Church Network


"We are on our third year of using a 3rd party company for insurance.  We use Rainprotection Insurance and it has been a very smooth process.  As with anything new, it was slow to catch on, but we see an increase in participation each year."


Terri Carter CEM

Manager of Exhibit Services

National Automobile Dealers Association

Mc Lean VA

(703) 821-7141

"Yes, we use Rainprotection Insurance for this purpose. We find they are a great resource for exhibitors that don't have coverage and/or don't want to provide the additional insured wording on their current policy that we require. They are helpful to send reminders to exhibitors as needed, as well as customize their policy to meet the organization's individual needs. Their policy is also affordable so exhibitors can't balk at the price. We do require our exhibitors to submit proof of coverage and they are a huge help in this process."


Stacey Mills CMP, CEM

Director of Conference and Trade Show Operations

International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions

Alexandria VA

(703) 299-5745


 I don't think this could have been ANY EASIER.   Our company exhibits at over 30 shows every year and this has been the first one where a service like yours has been provided. Thank you. You not only saved us money but more importantly, you save us time. Have and happy weekend!

I'm going to Google review you all.

Thank you,"


Greg Olson

Mitsubsihi Fuso Truck of America Inc

"Hi Catherine and Gordon - just wanted to send a quick note of Thanks!  I met with Lorena last week and she reported that Rainprotection and especially Catherine have been doing a super job.  We are happy to have you as a partner and thank you for making our jobs easier and making us look good!"


Thank you,



Michelle Mendez, CMP

Director of Events

Bobit Business Media


Hello Gina, Catherine, and Makenzie!


Amazing news!!!  Thank you for your hard work!  This is the first year EVER that we’ve had 100% compliance with our insurance requirements! What an amazing program you guys provide!




Cheryl Sulock, CMP, CSEP

FRSA Director of Convention & Trade Show

FRSA, PO Box 4850, Winter Park, FL 32793

407-671-3772 ext. 177