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Event Cancellation

Available for an extensive variety of events

Wide array of programs and plans

Protect the investment in your event

Organizing and running an event, exhibition, or attraction can bring a wide variety of hassles - especially when events beyond your control disrupt the show or your venue.


As the recognized leader in the event insurance industry, you can count on us to help you manage every aspect of your event's insurance, providing comprehensive protection for you, your staff, volunteers, spectators, and more, at some of the best rates around.

From blackouts to the absence of your key speaker, you don't have to worry about a disaster costing you money.

Minimize your risks and your insurance paperwork by having us ensure your exhibitors have the coverage they need.

Protects any outdoor event from lost revenues due to the occurence of rain. Structured for single or multi-day events.



Whether you operate for a season or all year round, ensure you and your business are fully protected with proper coverage.

Trade Show Insurance

Rain Insurance

Exhibitor Insurance


Hurricane Satellite

How Do You Handle Registration Refunds?



Now, there's a new and much fairer way to handle attendees and or exhibitors who are unable to attend the event due to a legitimate reason.


This Program provides a 100% refund to registrants that are unable to attend your event for a reason covered under the policy.


Show management always keeps all registration fees and never issues a refund again


Registrants are covered from the moment they register up until the first day of the event.


There is no cost to you. 

Coverage is included in all registrations at the cost of approximately 3%.


For the first time, no one needs to lose money when a registrant is

forced to cancel.


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Inability To Attend

Attendee & Exhibitor Registration Insurance

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